“Andy has been my trainer for the last nine months and has consistently been sensitive in working with me.  He varies the exercises and machines to try make me more flexible.  He is a lovely, kind gentleman who understands the body and teaches as he works along.  I can recommend him without any hesitation.”

Jane Young, Greenwich, CT

“Karate has made a real improvement in my physique, my confidence, and my life.”

R. McElroy, Brooklyn, NY

“I first met Andy several years ago at a pressure point striking workshop at a retreat offered through my kung fu school. It was there that I first learned how to find points by feeling them…. one of the instructors from my school came across a serious energetic blockage in my back…Suddenly, a striking workshop became a healing workshop, as Andy collaboratively led a group of six or seven martial artists and healers in a combination of medical qi gong and reiki. I was left speechless, and for the following two weeks I felt the best I had ever felt in my life…. I am honored to recommend him.”

R. Johnson, Brooklyn, NY

“Andy, you saved her life. Thank you…. But, I can’t get her to join our chi gung class!”

E. Lozada, West New York, NJ