Andy was a young man and practitioner of Iron Shirt and Iron Palm qigong working out with a master of White Crane kungfu when a training accident nearly caused serious injury or death.  It was then he decided to devote his time to healing qigong and not combat qigong. That was 40 years ago.



Zazen (no mind, sitting meditation) is the trademark of Zen meditation, yet it is difficult for many to do.  For those there are the moving meditations: flower arranging, tea ceremony, walking, or various martial arts (karatedo, aikido, kyudo, iaido).



Of necessity, qi moves whenever the body moves—this is the essence of external qigong.  By using the power of the mind, qi can be made to circulate within the body without movements—internal qigong.  Qi can also be transmitted from one person to another—healing or combat qigong.  Andy has decades of experience with each type of qigong



Reiki is a simple, direct, and effective method of energy healing.  And because it is a laying of hands method, it is very simple to heal oneself using Reiki. Andy has been a Reiki Master Teacher for nearly 20 years.