Andy Sinn had started training in the martial arts at age 13 and trained up until his retirement from teaching in 2008.  He still teaches private lessons and seminars upon request.  He holds instructor ranks in Shotokan karate, Wing Chun kungfu, taekwondo, and taijiquan.


Karate is a very balanced workout, developing every aspect of the physique, mind, and the psyche.  Emphasis is on the proper balance, posture, timing, and focus.  Karate-do is a Zen martial meditation.

“Karate has made a real improvement in my physique, my confidence, and my life.” —Robert McElroy


Taijiquan, or Tai Chi, is a combination of a martial art and a qigong system practiced with an emphasis on relaxation and not obstructing the qi flow.  It’s slow, gentle movements reduce stress.  It also improves mobility, balance, and lower body strength.